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When facing an upcoming legal battle, we know it can be very stressful for everyone involved. Court proceedings can take a toll on not just the individual, but their families, too. Knowing you have a dependable lawyer by your side will give you peace of mind before, during, and after your criminal or civil court proceedings.

Jaffe Defense Team has been practicing criminal defense cases in Oakland County courts for over 30 years. If you are facing criminal charges, you want a lawyer who has experience in Oakland County handling DUI, domestic violence, divorce, auto injury cases, and more.

If you or someone you love are looking for criminal defense lawyers and live in Oakland County, call our Troy criminal defense lawyers at (248) 522-9545 today.

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Jaffe Defense Team is ready to defend you or your loved ones against your criminal charges in Troy. Our decades of experience means that we are well-versed in handling a wide array of different misdemeanor and felony charges.

Jaffe Defense Team defends clients in many criminal cases involving:

Our experience has been gained through years of aggressively defending our client’s rights in a court of law. We fight for the rights of our clients through extensive knowledge of the local and state laws and by having first-hand experience working with the prosecutor. Every case is different and to achieve the best possible outcome, it requires lawyers who will be there at your side, fighting for your freedoms.

Family Law, Personal Injury, Immigration & More

Jaffe Defense Team also has extensive experience with family law in Southeast Michigan and various other civil matters. In and outside the courtroom, we’re ready to articulate the facts, assert the rights of our clients, and ensure that their voice is heard throughout every stage of their case.

Some of our other practices areas include:

At Jaffe Defense Team, we know how to thoroughly prepare our criminal defense and clients for a criminal or civil case. We study past case rulings and all applicable laws to find anything that may be relevant in your case. Finding criminal defense lawyers with experience and a proven track record of success can be difficult. In Troy and the rest of Oakland County, call upon Jaffe Defense Team to fight your legal battle.

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