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What Makes A Competent Witness In A Criminal Case?

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  • May 1, 2023

The Importance of Competent Witnesses in a Criminal Defense Case

In a criminal case, a competent witness can make or break the outcome of the trial. A competent witness meaning is one who is credible, reliable, and able to provide relevant and accurate testimony that can help the judge and jury to make a fair decision. As a criminal defense lawyer based in Detroit, I have seen the competency of a witness in many criminal cases and I would like to share some of the factors that make a witness competent.

Personal knowledge:

An expert witness should have personal knowledge of the events or circumstances being testified about. This means that the witness was present at the scene or was directly involved in the incident. Personal knowledge ensures that the testimony is accurate and relevant to the case.

Ability to recall events:

An efficient witness should have a clear memory of the events and be able to recall them in a consistent and credible manner. The witness should be able to answer questions in a clear and concise manner, without hesitation or inconsistencies in their testimony.

Good character:

A qualified witness should have a good reputation for truthfulness, honesty, and credibility. The judge and jury should be able to trust the witness to provide accurate and reliable testimony. If the witness has a history of lying or has been convicted of a crime, it could negatively impact their credibility.


The testimony of a witness should be relevant to the case and directly address the issues being raised in the trial. The testimony should help the judge and jury to understand the facts and circumstances of the case and make a fair decision.


A complete witness should be objective and not be biased towards either side of the case. The witness should not have any vested interest in the outcome of the trial and should provide testimony that is fair and impartial.

In conclusion, requirements of a competent witness is  credibility, reliability, and able to provide relevance and accuracy in testimony that can help the judge and jury to make a fair decision. When evaluating the testimony of a witness, the judge and jury should consider these factors and determine if the witness is competent to provide testimony in a criminal case.

Finding a Top Criminal Attorney Near You

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