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How to get back to the US after deportation

  • By The Law Offices of Jack L. Jaffe
  • February 28, 2019

How to fight deportation from us?

Can a deported person come back to the us? If you were deported from the United States after receiving a conviction for a minor or serious offense, reentering the country will be a challenging, but not impossible, feat.

At Jaffe Defense Team in Oakland County, our deportation attorneys will provide the representation you need to set aside or vacate your conviction, so you can reenter the country.

What Are the Grounds for Deportation?

Individuals and families can be deported from the United States for a number of different reasons.

However, most fall into one of the following categories:

  • When the alien entered the country, he or she was inadmissible, or he or she did not follow the terms of immigration status.
  • The alien was charged with a serious criminal offense.
  • The alien falsified documents or did not register with immigration authorities.
  • The alien is considered a threat to the country’s security.

Unless your conviction is vacated or set aside, you must wait a predetermined amount of time before applying to reenter the country. The wait time will vary based on the offense you committed. If you attempted to reenter the country illegally after deportation, or you were convicted of an aggravated felony, you risk being permanently barred from reentry.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

Crimes of moral turpitude are not explicitly defined by U.S. immigration law, though they often implicate an intent to harm persons or property, or involve crimes of fraud or larceny. Since the law does not adequately outline what constitutes this type of crime, an experienced attorney might argue that your conviction should not be classified as a crime of moral turpitude.

There are two circumstances under which committing a crime of moral turpitude might lead to deportation:

  • Within the first five years of your admission to the U.S., you committed a crime of moral turpitude.
  • You committed two or more crimes of moral turpitude after being admitted to the U.S. This does not include crimes that arose from a single scheme.

Requesting a deportation Waiver After Committing a Serious Offense

If you received a conviction for a serious offense, such as drug trafficking, the sexual abuse of a minor, firearms trafficking, or rape, obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility will be incredibly difficult. Immigration law is complex, and when serious or even minor offenses are involved, it tends to complicate the situation further. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire an deportation attorney who is experienced in handling such matters.

Experienced Deportation Attorneys in Oakland County

If you were convicted of a minor or serious offense and consequently deported, you need to hire skilled legal representation who can help a deported person come back to the USA. At Jaffe Defense Team in Oakland County, we will work to have your conviction vacated or set aside, allowing you to reenter the country. Backed by over three decades of experience, attorney Jack Jaffe has the knowledge and insight necessary to effectively handle your case.

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