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How to deal with a Criminal Record

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  • February 1, 2023

How to deal with a criminal record in Michigan

Having a criminal record can have a significant impact on your life, especially if you live in Michigan. A criminal record is a formal document that includes all of your criminal convictions and charges. It can include both misdemeanors and felonies and can follow you for the rest of your life.

In Michigan, criminal records are publicly accessible and can be used by potential employers, landlords, and even schools to make decisions about you. This means that having a criminal record can make it difficult to find employment, housing, and even educational opportunities.

However, there are some steps you can take to reduce the impact of your criminal record on your life. Firstly, you may be eligible for expungement, which is a legal process that can erase your criminal record from the public record. To be eligible for expungement, you must have completed all of your court-ordered obligations and meet certain eligibility requirements.

Another option is sealing your record, which means that your criminal record will still exist, but it will not be accessible to the general public. In Michigan, some crimes are eligible for sealing, while others are not. You should speak with a criminal defense attorney to see if you are eligible for sealing and to learn more about the process.

Finally, you can also take steps to improve your chances of finding employment and housing by explaining your criminal history in a positive light. For example, you can highlight the steps you have taken to turn your life around and show that you have been a responsible, law-abiding citizen since your conviction.

In conclusion, having a criminal record can have a major impact on your life in Michigan, but there are steps you can take to reduce that impact. Expungement, sealing, and positive self-representation are all tools that can help you overcome the challenges associated with having a criminal record. If you need help navigating these processes, you should consider speaking with a criminal defense attorney.

Finding a Top Criminal Attorney Near You

Finding a top criminal defense attorney near you is critical when facing criminal charges. When searching for an attorney, look for one who has experience in handling the specific type of case you are facing. Consider their education and credentials, such as whether they are certified by the American Bar Association. Additionally, research their experience and success rate with similar cases. Reach out to the attorney and ask about any specializations or certifications they have in the field of criminal defense. Ask for references from past clients and check these reviews to ensure the attorney will provide the best representation for your case. Finally, be sure to ask about their fees and payment plans before making any commitments. With the right research and preparation, you can find a top criminal defense attorney who can best represent you in the Metro Detroit area, MI. 

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