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Worried About a DUI? Don’t Rush to Conclusions

  • By The Law Offices of Jack L. Jaffe
  • July 19, 2016

With the festivities in Royal Oak throughout Fourth of July weekend now over, some citizens may now have to deal with the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI arrest). According to Michigan DUI law, individuals under 21 must follow a zero tolerance BAC (blood alcohol content), while those 21 and older may have up to a .08% tolerance, and commercial drivers are only allowed a .04% tolerance

First time DUI offenders may receive up to 93 days in jail, fines of up to $500, and a suspended license of up to 6 months, while repeat offenders will receive longer jail terms (and/or community service), increased fines, and a minimum 1 year suspended license.

According to FightDUICharges.com, Royal Oak citizens are able to contest their holiday DUI charges by keeping a few tips in mind for arrested DUI.

  • Road conditions, mechanical defects, and brief driver disturbances can cause abnormal driving patterns.
  • Recent alcohol consumption along with spilled alcoholic beverages on clothing does not immediately infer driving impairment.
  • Glossy bloodshot eyes can be indicative of fatigue or prior presence in a smoky room.
  • Lack of balance can be attributed to footwear, pre-existing medical conditions, or road surface.

While proving these dui arrest tips may be difficult in a court of law, there is also the notion that the arresting officers may have made overriding errors in their police report and other documentation. During your DUI arrest, officers may have made crucial mistakes when collecting breath, blood, urine, and field sobriety test evidence; a skilled DUI attorney can often find mistakes and discuss your options that are able to help overcome your DUI arrest charge.

With over 30 years of experience serving clients throughout the Southeastern Michigan area, Oakland County attorney Jack L. Jaffe is ready and willing to help fight Royal Oak DUI offenses. Jack Jafee understands the implications of a poor defense and is ready to build a legal action plan to beat any DUI offense. Fill out our online form today for a free consultation.

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