Criminal Law Case Studies

Criminal Law Case Studies

The Law Office of Jack L. Jaffe successfully defends his clients in all areas of criminal law including:

If you’re looking for a Michigan lawyer to defend you in your criminal case, first take a look at just a few of the cases that Jack L. Jaffe has successfully won. Attorney Jack L. Jaffe has proven time after time that he is the outstanding attorney who will get you the best results. Read all about some examples of cases The Law Office of Jack L. Jaffe won in the past.

Drunk Driving Cases

Count on the legal defense of attorney Jack L. Jaffe if you have been charged with a DUI in Michigan.

One particular client we represented was arrested for drunk driving with a CDL. Under Federal Law and Michigan Law, a license revocation is mandatory. No restricted license is available. Attorney Jack Jaffe successfully negotiated a reduction to careless driving. No license consequences, no criminal consequences, just a fine.

Cases Related to Cyber Crimes

If you have been charged or are under investigation for a cyber crime, you will require an experienced attorney. Jack L. Jaffe successfully handles these cases. Remember, the consequences either for the Federal Court or State Court are serious.

In one instance, his client had been charged with 6 counts of child pornography using a computer to either commit the distribution or promotion of sexually abusive activity. Homeland Security had obtained thousands of images and executed a search warrant of his client’s computer. After the search warrant had been executed, the client was charged with this cyber crime, and made admissions within an hour. Attorney Jack. L. Jaffe represented his client and insisted on a referral to an expert psychologist. The sentencing guidelines for all 6 counts dictated a prison term. However, Jaffe was able to get the client probation with no jail time through successful negotiation.

Important Family Law Cases

divorce case Family law cases are very common, and defense lawyer Jack Jaffe has had years of success defending these types of cases. When dealing with something as unsettling as a divorce, having an effective defense attorney can really help in this time of need.

In one case, Jaffe represented a Macomb County woman in a divorce case. This client had been in a 30-something year marriage. Jaffe was able to win her all of her husband’s 401k, his pension, and a very successful property settlement.

Attorney Jack Jaffe also represented a client going through a divorce who admittedly had an affair years prior. The client’s husband held this over her head and attributed fault to be all hers. When Jaffe stepped in, he was able to negotiate a very generous property settlement, which included a substantial percentage of his profit sharing pension, and two cars.

Probation Violation Cases

Jack Jaffe is skilled in the area of getting reasonable results for clients who have been charged for violating probation. In one case, Jaffe’s client had multiple probation violations, and the judge recommended incarceration as a result of these probation violations. Through the work of Jack Jaffe, the client was able to avoid a prison sentence! Jack Jaffe successfully negotiated a work release program for his client that enabled them to maintain their job and business.

Driving While Under the Influence

Jack L. Jaffe has had much success in defending cases that involve driving under the influence. One of his clients was pulled over while in the possession of and under the influence of opioids, a strong pain killer that is all too often abused. As a result of the opioid charge, the client was threatened with the loss of their professional license. Jack Jaffe was able to negotiate a probation sentence for his client, and the client maintained their professional license.

Child Abuse Cases

Even in child abuse cases, Jack Jaffe has been able to get the best legal results for his clients. One of his clients had prior criminal history, and was charged with 2nd degree child abuse. The client had been in the process of weaning off of methamphetamine, and was taking methadone in order to lead them in a path toward sobriety. The client’s young child came into possession of the methadone and consumed it. Thankfully, the child was fine, but the parent now faced charges for child abuse. With the help of Jack Jaffe, the client received a probationary sentence and avoided jail time altogether.

Resisting Arrest

Last but not least, Jack L. Jaffe makes sure his clients get the legal results they deserve! One of Jaffe’s cases involved a client who was falsely arrested. The client had to exercise necessary force in order to resist the arrest. Jack Jaffe successfully argued on his client’s behalf, and was able to achieve a favorable verdict!

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Michigan

As you can see, defense attorney Jack L. Jaffe has had his fair share of big wins in the criminal defense world. These are just a few examples of cases where Jaffe was able to successfully defend his client to obtain ideal legal results. Now that you know more about some of our history, you’ll be confident knowing that Jack L. Jaffe is a stellar option to use for representation in your criminal defense case. If any of these cases sound familiar to you, feel free to give us a call to set up a consultation with us. Our Michigan law office is always happy to help, and we are prepared to get you the best legal results for your case!